Our family roots were planted over 100 years ago, when Jimmy King settled along the coast of the Monterey Peninsula and began farming. Jimmy’s daughter, Lucille, married a Salinas Valley farmer named Luis Scattini. Together, they farmed on the cool coastal terrain and gained a unique knowledge of the soil. Luis shared the farming techniques with his two sons, Jim and Rob, and together they established the Luis Scattini & Sons company.

Today, our tradition continues with 4th generation farmers Greg, Doug, and Mike Scattini. The farming operation manages a variety of different row crops spanning over 3,000 acres. Our rich soil and cool, coastal microclimate create the perfect environment for growing vegetables-specifically the artichoke. We have been perfecting the artichoke for decades and want our customers to experience the delicious taste which we know and love.

Our passion for farming drives us to grow top-quality produce which feeds families worldwide. We bring a unique level of expertise to our farming methods which can only be learned through generational knowledge. As stewards of the land, Scattini Family Farms values its heritage and is committed to growing premium products while developing a brand that customers can trust.

Growing Region

This Mediterranean like climate and fertile soil of Castroville and the Salinas Valley make for ideal growing conditions for The Original California Artichoke® and a variety of vegetables. Virtually 100 percent of the U.S. supply of artichokes is grown in California with most of the crop coming from the central coast region. In fact the artichoke reigns as the official Vegetable of Monterey County.

Food Safety

We pride ourselves on providing our consumers with safely and humanely grown produce. As a customer-oriented company, we take the following steps to ensure the highest quality products travel from farm to table.

We are in 100% compliance with the Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement (LGMA) which upholds the highest standard of food safety. The LGMA works with industry scientists, food safety professionals, and government officials to certify our growing habits protect the health of every individual. Following LGMA guidelines, we participate in government audits, 3rd party Primus audits, and constantly update our practices in compliance with the latest food safety guidelines.

We follow all Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations regarding produce safety. This includes regular tests of irrigation water quality, employee training and compliance, and frequent equipment sanitization.

We participate in Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Handling Practices (GHP) which are voluntary audits verifying we follow USDA standards. These audits ensure our growing procedure minimizes traces of microbial food safety hazards.

We practice Integrated Pest Management-a strategy which utilizes science to increase environmental sustainability and reduce potential chemical risk. Using our knowledge about pests and proper chemical usage, we prevent damage to crops, animals, and the overall environment. We integrate non evasive pest management technologies and biological controls which improve the safety of our product and quality of our produce.

Additionally, we work with shippers who uphold our same food safety values. They are all LGMA members who follow both state and federal food safety guidelines. Consumer satisfaction is our priority, so we continue to stay up to date on policies and practices.